Monday, August 24, 2009

Bouncing Back: By Frank Skinner

I picked up this book on a recommendation, not as a fan of Frank Skinner. I don't mind the man. He's very quick-witted, always shines on panel shows, and one of the most natural comedians out there.

However, Skinner can come across as a little bit chauvinistic sometimes, and some of his gags often err on the cheesy side. He even points out that he's been described as "a comedian for the 'Loaded' generation" throughout the book. Regardless, 'Fun-time Franky' is clever and affable enough to shrug off these shortcomings, a job which 'On the Road' manages wonderfully. Skinner comes across as honest, likeable and incredibly self-deprecating, but always an interesting, human character.

The book follows Frank's return to the circuit, following a year in his life developing a routine, putting it into shape at Edinburgh, and finally touring the country with a full set. There's a great deal of insight into Skinner's many neuroses, a fair amount of comedy-misery to wallow in, and a lot to laugh and groan at.

I will be picking up Frank Skinner's autobiography shortly, which is testament to this book. Well written, thoughtful, and a nice little peep-hole into the world of stand-up.

Note: This is a re-wording of an Amazon review I posted earlier today. I isn't stealing. Otherwise I would steal something better.

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