Friday, August 21, 2009

Flip the Police

So, erm, 3am last night, myself, Wilby and my delightful brother Jordan hopped into a taxi. A few minutes into the trip, the driver decided to try and charge us then and there, which is something that genuinely offends me. Essentially, the taxi driver looked at us and decided we were obviously going to run out on him, which is just rude. So we got out, and I kicked the wheel of his car as he drove off. Not even hard. I wasn't angry, it was a gesture, not a pathetic attempt to damage the thing.

Being an exceptionally lucky young chap, I was spotted by two plain-clothes police officers. They spent the best part of 20 minutes putting a few too many details into a phone, calling it in, and generally being ridiculously over the top. It was an utter farce, a little bit embarassing, and completely unnecessary. I'm not even sure if he actually put my details into his phone either. Surely there's something in the data protection act to prevent people carry around sensitive, personal information about you in a phone?

Anyway, this post is a reminder to myself for when I read it back in a couple of years: Never kick taxi driver's wheel.

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