Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Fifty Film Challenge

Today, at work, it was decided that I shall be embarking on a quest. An epic journey into dozens of different worlds, all of them shaped by minds known the world over. I will meet literally hundreds of peculiar personalities, laugh at their jokes, cry when their pets die, shake my fist in anger when some Ne'er do-weller gets the better of them. My mind will be transformed, as synapses that previously lay dull and listless suddenly spark to life, new information passing through them as my perspective on life expands and my world view develops dramatically.

Yes, dear reader. I am going to attempt to watch 50 Films in 50 Days.

Well, actually it's 51 days, but I think that's fair enough as I've got 4 days at Leeds Fest that will definitely be film-free, and this way the deadline falls on my birthday (September the 30th, gift givers). Also, I only have to watch 30. That's the minimum milestone. That's where I have to get to avoid a forfeit, which will be carried out by my esteemed work colleagues.

Here is the list, anyway. These are 50 films that I either haven't seen, or haven't seen 'properly'. That is, I haven't sat down and watched them like a good little boy. There are also an extra 10 films. 5 are either cinema releases or forthcoming cinema releases, and the other 5 are 'wildcards', so if I find myself sitting down to watch 'Carry on Camping', I can scribble it in there. The only rule is that I can't have seen the film properly before. Which is to say, I might have seen the first hour of Scarface, and I've probably seen all of Conan the Barbarian, albeit in 20-minute chunks spread out over about 10 years. Anyway, here it is:
  1. Bram Stoker's Dracula
  2. The Elephant Man
  3. American Graffiti
  4. Manhattan
  5. The Jerk
  6. Sideways
  7. In Bruges
  8. The Goonies
  9. Stand By Me
  10. Once Upon a Time in the West
  11. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  12. Hotel Rwanda
  13. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  14. The Pianist
  15. Waltz with Bashir
  16. The Seventh Seal
  17. Amores Perros (Love's a Bitch)
  18. La Vita E Bella (Life is Beautiful)
  19. The Seven Samurai
  20. The Lives of Others
  21. Metropolis
  22. Sunshine
  23. Pitch Black
  24. Brazil
  25. Children of Men
  26. There Will Be Blood
  27. Gran Torino
  28. Million Dollar Baby
  29. When Harry Met Sally
  30. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  31. Sexy Beast
  32. Leon
  33. Dog Day Afternoon
  34. Scarface
  35. The Untouchables
  36. Casino
  37. American Gangster
  38. Heat
  39. Quantum of Solace
  40. Eraser
  41. Conan the Barbarian
  42. Commando
  43. Apocalypse Now
  44. Saving Private Ryan
  45. Jaws
  46. E.T.
  47. Monsters Vs. Aliens
  48. Kung Fu Panda
  49. Wall-E
  50. Disney's Tarzan
Bonus Films!
  1. Moon
  2. Drag Me To Hell
  3. (500) Days of Summer
  4. Up
  5. Funny People
I think the selection is pretty good. I've gone for a few foreign films here (Amores Perros, The Lives of Others), a few 'Oscar' films there (Million Dollar Baby, There Will be Blood), some absolute classics (Once Upon a Time in the West, E.T.). There's also a couple of rom-coms, and some 'toons that I haven't yet had the time to watch (I own a lot of Disney DVDs for a 23 year-old man, and I am yet to see Tarzan! Shameful).

Looking forward to it! Hopefully I'll make it to at least 40, and I shall update on my progress once or twice a week with a few comments about the films, and a picture of my list which will inevitably get all crumpled and written on. Wish me luck!

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