Thursday, July 30, 2009

True Lies

There's this really bad-ass scene where Arnie just commandeers (Hur, common deers) a Harrier Jump Jet to go rescue his daughter. His sidekick Tom Arnold says something along the lines of "But Arnie! You haven't flown one of those in ten years!" and Arnie's all "It's just like riding a bike!". I think they should remove this pathetic piece of explanatory pandering, and accept the fact that Arnie can do anything humanly possible. Arnie could rip through the Riemann hypothesis in mere minutes if anyone closely affiliated with him were in the smallest amount of danger.

Also, Eliza Dushku plays his kid in that film. I didn't even notice. I don't recall her as a child actor at all, which is maybe why she can get away with being on the cover of FHM or whatever. Emma Watson has no chance.

Fake Edit: Google search "Eliza Dushku True Lies". The contrast is kind of a bit wrong.

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