Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This thing still exists! Time for some MUNDANIVITY.

I vow to write in it every single day from here on in! I promise to be rubbish. Nobody will read this anyway.

Today I drove into work a little bit tired. Paul, the old, miserable bastard that is a part of my "car share", moaned at me for not having both hands on the steering wheel and complained about not feeling safe. We were very safe, I was driving in a LOVELY way, I promise! Paulis a bit of a tit who will happily answer a phone moving at 80 miles an hour, so I was understandably a little annoyed at the hypocrisy, as well as a little bit offended that I'm still not trusted behind the wheel. So I had a little bit of a go at him, which he really didn't take very well.

Work was as dull as usual. Tapping on a keyboard, usual bollocks. Fired a few emails around, one topic of choice being 'Hobbies', something which I would like a new one of. A hobby. Yeah. Feedback received, in descending order of social acceptability:
  • Start a comic book collection!
  • Paint some Warhammer figurines
  • Start a Manga comic book collection!
  • Join the 'Dungeons and Dragons' community
  • Live Action Role-Playing
  • Start a Hentai comic book collection!
  • Join the 'Real-Doll' community
And here are some better ones, that I might actually go through with:
  • Get a drum, and drum it
  • Do some writing type stuff, blog-related (DOING THIS RIGHT NOW YOU SEE ? ?)
  • Do some writing that isn't self-indulgent and bollocksy and could actually lead somewhere
  • Look for a new and exciting job!
  • Look for a new and exciting house!
  • Start a comic book collection!
Pretty wanky list actually.

On the way back from work I managed to settle things with Paul, thankfully. It would be rather decent of him to remove whatever he's got stuck up his arse before he decides to mouth off in the near future. I think it might be a bin lid.

I also dropped Rob at the garage, FOUR miles out of my way, because I am better than Jesus. Jesus didn't even have a car. So there.


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

You're taking a chance - Paul may read this!! The blog came through as a 'Google Alert' on my computer because I like to keep tabs on what's happening on St Helena, as I was lucky enough to live there from 1984-7!

James said...

Heh. I actually went through and changed the names of all involved today, JUST in case such a scenario should crop up. So I'm fine. Nobody will know that Paul's real name is Mark, now.

Nice to see that people can actually stumble upon this rubbish pretty randomly, though. What did you do in St Helena? According to wikipedia, the economy isn't up to much nowadays.