Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Netbook, Dragon's den, Racism, Really dull title for a blog post.

Today was pretty cool. Swiped myself one of those Samsung NC-10s the other day from Dixons, for the very reasonable price of £270. Arrived in the post today, along with a Kingston RAM upgrade I got seperately from Amazon. Runs nicely! Can't say I'm "bloggering from it now!!" or anything, because it's busy doing a really exciting Windows Update, but it's a pretty cool little thing! IT IS BLUE. The RAM Upgrade was dead easy too, check out this youtube video to see JUST HOW EASY IT IS!

Watched an episode of Dragon's Den earlier. Deborah Meaden never invests in anyone. She's rubbish. Most of them are actually, I especially hate it when their eyes light up when they discover the guy doing the presentation is already a millionaire. Except for James Caan, who seems to lap up the 'Crazy-Old Maurice' types. My favourite is James Caan! Bet he would give me EIGHTY POUNDS just for drawing him a picture.

Other than that, enjoyed following the backlash of this 'ere Guardian Column what goes on about offensive comedy right? Richard Herring and the twitter brigade were (rightly) upset about it painting him in a little bit of a racist light. Andrew Collins got in on the act too, and now there are three racially related blog posts from him! Wow!

I haven't read the third (seems to have just appeared!), and I'm not a regular reader of Collings' blog, but I really enjoyed the other two articles. Particularly the comments sections. A bit of banter on the internet is always fun, especially when the arseholes come out of the woodwork. I think Collings might have got a bit wound up about being accused of hypocrisy due to the NME kind-of-insinuating-Morrisey-might-be-a-racist-except-they-kind-of-didn't, and the follow-up article seemed a bit like he was taking the bait. Never-the-less, dead interesting! Will be checking out the Collings blog a bit more, anyway.

Let's just hope everything calms down anyway. A friendly retraction from the Guardian, maybe a rebuttal, and a complete lack of legal action would certainly be the sensible way for everything to end. Storm in a tea cup really. Light shower in a change-jar, even. Moderate breeze in an camera's protective case. NIGHT.

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