Thursday, April 05, 2007

Adam & Joe

If patron saints existed for stupidity and childishness, then Adam & Joe would surely get a look in. The two are student heroes, proving that excellent television could be made just by mucking about with toys, filming stupid pranks and generally talking rubbish. It could be said that they set the benchmark for creative outlets along the lines of b3ta, but I'm digressing like a champion so I'll get to the point! Here are things to do:

  1. Purchase The Adam & Joe DVD, which is a compilation of the best bits from their superb C4 show. It's only £6, and it's very, very good; certainly one of the gems in my collection. If you don't like it, Adam Buxton does offer a money-back guarantee on his blog, which is also worth checking out.

  2. Listen to the XFM Podcasts. You can start with the 'Best of' and then work your way through all 20 of them when you decide that it's great and you want to hear more.

  3. Download all 8 episodes of 'Adam and Joe go Tokyo', which is a self-explanatory title for another brilliant little program. There's a decent torrent here, and if that's a broken then just run a search on isoHunt. You'll need a bit-torrent client like uTorrent to download.

  4. As I said earlier, have a read through Adam's blog. Some of it's quite interesting, there's usually plenty of links to A&J material along with interesting stuff like what it's like to be on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

  5. There's another podcast! I don't particularly care for this one as much as it focuses on new music from unsigned acts, but it's still fairly amusing. Click here to listen.

  6. Just type Adam & Joe into youtube. Go on! Adam Buxton has an account and everything, you might as well take a look at what he's uploaded, and what he likes.

  7. Check out this Adam & Joe website, it's really not too bad!

Erm, that's about it. 7 is a nice number. I could have probably got to 10, but I'm sure you noticed I was kind of dragging it out a bit there at the end. I mean, you could add them


Ultra Culture said...

If you want to go even further, here's a list of everything they've ever done (with links):

immodestly said...

immodestly says : I absolutely agree with this !

hobbsy said...

More Adam and Joe fun can be had at: