Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tower Defence

Last few levels of Desktop TD

This introductory post is definitely all about Tower Defence games, which have recently starting popping up all over the place and are an amazing distraction. According to the irrefutable source that is Wikipedia, Tower Defence games were originally player-made Warcraft hacks, but don't let that put you off. Essentially there are waves of monsters travelling along a set path, and you need to place towers strategically in order to get rid of them. If a monster escapes, you lose a life.

Here are some links to a few excellent examples, although be warned as you're likely to waste around 10-20 minutes on each.

  • The first example I found is just called 'Tower Defence', simple graphics but brilliantly addictive. I managed to reach wave 86. ;D

  • Next up is 'Flash Element TD', which is a little simpler, loads prettier and a good one to start on I reckon.

  • Then there's 'Desktop TD', which is my current favourite. It's the best looking of the bunch too, and different in that you get to dictate the path the critters take by cleverly placing your towers.

  • Finally, check out 'Flash Circle TD', the sequel to Flash Element TD and probably my least favourite of the bunch. The twist here is that the monsters never leave, and you've simply got to keep the number under 100.

The above four links are a very good way of throwing away hours. Enjoy.

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