Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The comment I made over a year ago (July 26 2004) about Mike & The Mechanics being "rubbish" was ill-founded, not to mention irrelevant to the entire body of the text. I just needed a title for the post, and decided to put out a highly controversial opinion, "kicking off with a bang" if you will. I only really wanted attention, which deservedly never came, and so I apologise.

I make this retraction based on hearing "All I need is a miracle" in IKEA whilst picking out flat-pack furniture to un-dinge my dirty student house in early October 2005. It was one of several excellent tracks played, along with "Ace of Base - Life is a flower", "Hall & Oates - Maneater" and "George Harrison - I've got my mind set on you". Actually, I would like to commend Ikea for an excellent playlist in general that encouraged me to splash out on a green lamp that has illuminated my room for the past few months.

For anyone wishing to explore Mike & The Mechanics further, I would say that my favourite song is "Word of Mouth". Some more popular tracks would include "The Living Years" and "Over My Shoulder", the latter featuring an excellent whistling solo. Who needs guitars when you can just put your lips together and blow?

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