Monday, April 04, 2005

Hurray for a lot of not updating

But I don't think that really matters, seeing as though nobody knows this thing exists.

Anyway, I'm home from easter. I did end up going to Newcastle to study, as it's definitely one of the best cities in the country. It always kicked the face of Leeds into a bloody mess with teeth dangling, ears flowering and eyes bleeding, and Leeds is apparently up there. Pfft. Geordies are nice too, and so are all the nice people I've met. Nice.

I'm not sure what this post is supposed to signify, it's more to stop blogger closing something that isn't being used, when in fact it is being used, only it isn't really. But anyway, I'll post something dull that happened.

Today I played football! I got my jeans muddy, because I tackled someone and skidded a bit. When I got home, my mother made remarks that pointed this out! I don't think she likes muddy jeans, because that means she has to do more washing and ironing. But she's always washing and ironing, so she can't hate it that much! Maybe I'm doing her a favour. I should buy her an ironing board for christmas. Then she'd have a smile as wide as a really wide widescreen tv. Hurray!

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