Monday, August 23, 2004


I received my A-level results on Thursday, and the various shenanigans, tom-foolery, tea-drinking and sitting about that occurred afterwards have just about finished. I got AABB (Maths, Business, Psychology, General Studies respectively), and I have a C at AS-level for ICT, but I dropped that because I couldn't be arsed with the utterly stupid coursework, or showing up on Wednesdays. You didn't really care about that though.

What this all means is I can now attend Newcastle University, where I will study Computer Science and no doubt triumphantly give up on it due to my total lack of computer programming know-how. Triumphantly is an ace word. Then I might do Economics, Law or perhaps even Marketing, or I could move elsewhere and do Film or Creative Writing! There's a whole range of exciting opportunities, which all amount to a toss up between "interesting" and "useful for a job". However, if television has taught me one thing it's that everything will end up fine and dandy in the end, with hugs, learning and exciting guest appearances.

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