Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Back for Good

I have returned from the island of Santorini and I am here, right now, posting this. I actually got back last week, almost at this exact time, but that is insignificant! The weather was hot, although the island itself was surprisingly empty if you consider that it's the school holidays. It was mostly a "couples/honeymoon" resort anyway, and a hotspot for homosexuals apparently (This had to be pointed out to me, I was too slack to pick up on all the same sex couples sharing our apartment complex). As such, nobody really talked to us. Not that homosexuals don't talk, they do, I've seen them. Holidaying couples don't, though. I suspect they were all indoors playing backgammon or perhaps even Scrabble (There was a Greek alphabet version! Best!). Not buggering or anything. ANYWAY, I made friends with some Swiss backpackers who were big fans of the Velvet Underground, and I helped a German boy beat the last boss on Warioland whilst demonstrating my uncanny German speaking abilities by asking him the way to the train station. Unfortuantely, there was not much speaking going on between us and our British pals until the last day. They were all miserable gits and so were we.

We had a brand spanking new pool all to ourselves, so I have been wet for two weeks. I think I'm mostly dry now. Pools are excellent when the beach consists of black, demonic sand hotter than a tin kettle left whistling for eight hours.

Other than that, various sights were seen and the island was explored. We went to Ancient Thira, which used to be the capital. Somewhere along the line it became rubble on the top of a very big hill, but it was pretty rubble. The view was excellent from the top of this very big hill though, and it was incredibly windy. I broke my sandals walking about a mile or so on slightly jagged rocks in what I estimate were Gale Force 8 conditions. I visited Atlantis Books too, which was full of liberal new-age types from London. I didn't buy a book, but they gave me a bookmark which was nice of them, even if it was just a cheap paper thing, the kind that runs out halfway through the book and causes you a great deal of emotional page-huntign trauma. There wasn't loads to do, and the last few days we just hung around our bit of the island, but it was a good trip and the weather was excellent. Seven on Ten.

Atlantis was closed, they were putting a new roof up. :~

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dear 17 year old version of reddit user, please describe the place and people more if you remember.