Monday, July 26, 2004

Going away now

Tomorrow morning around 5am, I shall be hoisted from my dreams and thrown into a strange black automobile. I will be driven for unknown hours along unknown stretches of road by a man unknown to me, eventually being ejected from my seat upon arrival at an airport. After two hours of stumbling around dirty white floors, pulling around cases filled with god only knows what (clothes!) and purchasing incredibly overpriced sandwiches, I shall be permitted to board an untrustworthy thing that looks like a big, plastic, catatonic pigeon with rollerskates on. My ears will pop; because my taste buds will go hide there when they learn of the in-flight meal. I will probably be insulted by the in-flight film and the in-flight radio, and I'm almost certain that I won't have enough in-flight leg room for my in-flight legs. But all will be forgotton when I land in.. Atlantis!!

That's right. Technically it's wrong. Technically it's Santorini, Greece; an island believed to have been a part of Atlantis at one point. But when the volcano exploded all the Atlanteans burned horribly, along with all those Cretians who worshipped King Minos and his people-hungry Minotaur. If I am taken on any guided tours of the island, I plan to break off from the group and go hunting for orichalcum.

I'm not sure how long I'll be spending in Atlantis. It may be 14 days, which is what the ticket says. It may be less, should I somehow manage to count myself amongst the deceased. But if I should stumble upon the fabled city, it is inevitable that I will somehow fall in love with a rebellious Atlantean princess, thwart some villainous characters planning to destroy Atlantis by mining away all of the orichalcum, and win the hearts of the Atlantean fish-people. It is therefore likely that this will be my last post. Bye!

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